• Sports Station Logo - redesign
  • Radio San Diego
  • Neuron - concept
  • Car Tunes - contest logo
  • The Ride Site
  • Variety - logo mix


We needed to quickly update the logo for the station. My original design tests are presented here. Then the Marketing Director stepped in and wanted the logo to be like the one marked REQUESTED above. I feel very strongly that direct copying of artwork is undesirable and you can see the test progression above right. The final logo and the horizontal version are presented in the right corner.
This logo has been replaced as of 2/15.

RADIO SAN DIEGO – business logo
This logo was for a JSA group. They wanted to keep it light and “San Diego”, yet representing a radio group. There were several principal players contribution ideas throughout the process.

NEURON – concept
This was a design for a holistic practitioner/artist. She provided the base idea and we realized that the double wouldn’t work well. You can see our test progression to final design. Ultimately, she went another direction, but I think it’s a pretty piece.

CAR TUNES – contest logo
This is a series of logos I made for a station car giveaway that happened once a year for three years. We wanted to freshen up the logo each time.

The Ride Site needed a logo for the website I was putting up. This design emerged in 8 days. The client wanted a clean logo and the pin striping is a nod to the great vehicle artists out there.

VARIETY – logo mix
Here are a few of the logos I have done for the station or as a freelancer.
San Diego Spotlight – image credit: Jamie Cheng
My San Diego Deal – shopping bag, stock vector
Route 1090 – Art direction: Jamie Cheng
Wrex The Halls – collaboration with Justin McKee