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If keep your eyes open sometimes a magical moment happens – like this shot of Betty, the rescue dog at HiCaliber Horse Rescue. The head shots were for the station website and Valentine’s Day, well, that was just good times with co-workers who were kind enough to let me do some light tests on them.

These are a lot of fun to take. The minerals are from my collection and I wanted to see if I could get shots kind of like what I can see with my magnifying glass. I used an extender tube, a LED helmet light and a lucite cube to set them on. The figures make for a great study. Their tiny features can get lost quickly in the wrong light.

I am a sucker for light and carry my camera as much as I can because you never know when the shot will show up.

From left: I caught the one of the tower at Balboa Park with my cell camera and tweaked it some in Photoshop. The Grand Canyon shot was taken at about 6:30 on a VERY chilly morning. The Chapel of St. John’s, Tower of London is one of my favorite images. I love the warm yellow tone that offsets the cold stone interior. Sunset in Jamul – This is a beautiful place to photograph all year round.


all images © Windee Freireich 2015.
I have been known to share when asked. Feel free to email me if you see an image you like.