Windee Freireich

meWhen I was a kid, I wanted to have magical powers. How cool would it be to say some special words, make a gesture, and poof, magic! Now I’m a grown up, and it turns out that’s what the digital world is – magic!

Write the correct words and symbols in the right order? Magic. Figure out what people want to see and it works? Magic. Open Photoshop and whip up a graphic or retouch a photo? Magic.

I love what I do!

In getting to this point in life, I found that learning is one of my biggest passions. How does it work? Why does it work? Not-working? Figure it out!  Asking and answering ‘why’ provides your path. ‘Why’ is a great compass.

Problems are just another puzzle to me. Roadblocks almost always have a way to route around them. Sitting with your team, analyzing roadblocks, and coming up with solutions is a great day to me.

I have enjoyed my different jobs, Photo Lab Tech, Vascular Ultrasound Technologist, Clinical Research Coordinator, and I know each of them lead me to where I am now; into a career that is varied and always growing. I also freelance to learn new skills and keep up with ones that are not used daily.

My experience is wide: CMS management (proprietary and WordPress), asset creation, campaign planning, logos, video (camera, editing, and effects), photography, analytics, user training, e-blasts, UX, and more.

If I don’t know it, I will go learn it. My goal is to get things done and done well. It makes me happy.

Sometimes you have to let the squirrels out to get your creative juices flowing. Some of the best ideas come out of random silly moments with your team. That “ah-ha” moment is high on my list of favorite things.

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